Flury & Company has an extensive collection of photographic works by Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952) including individual photogravures and complete volumes and portfolios from The North American Indian (1907-1930). In addition, we have a number of vintage goldtones in their original studio frames, silver and platinum print photographs, studio portraits, and some of Curtis' later work from Hollywood, including the art-deco blue-toned silver prints.

Flury & Company's collection also includes the work of many other late nineteenth/early twentieth-century photographers, as well as a limited selection of modern photography. Included in our collection are the following:

  • Photographic works by many of Edward S. Curtis' contemporaries including Adam Clark Vroman (1856-1916), Karl Moon (1879-1948), William Henry Jackson (1843-1942), Frederick Monsen (1865-1929), and Laton A. Huffman (1854-1931), among others.

  • Photographs and photogravures by Asahel Curtis (1874-1941), Edward's younger brother. These include images taken in Alaska during the Klondike gold rush, and Northwest scenes and landscapes, including some hand-tinted pieces.

  • Works by Northwest photographer Darius Kinsey (1869-1945) including landscapes (some hand-tinted) and images documenting the early logging industry in Washington state.

  • Works by Northwest photographer Norman Edson (1876-1968) including Washington state scenes and landscapes.

  • Miscellaneous late nineteenth/early twentieth-century photographs of the Northwest and Alaska.

  • Miscellaneous late nineteenth/early twentieth-century photographs from Japan and China including portraits and landscapes, some hand-tinted.

  • A selection of late nineteenth/early twentieth-century African-American portraits including tintypes.

  • Miscellaneous turn-of-the-century Western and Cowboy images.

  • A selection of turn-of-the-century railroad industry photographs.

  • A limited selection of works by modern photographers including Walker Evans, Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Brett Weston, among others.

Special Note: Flury & Company is actively seeking examples of Edward S. Curtis and other nineteenth and twentieth-century photographic works for purchase or consignment. We are also happy to search for specific pieces requested by clients.


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Edward S. Curtis

Edward S. Curtis

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